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Expert Knowledge

We are a full time website maintenance & development group. We can assist you with your project from start to finish, or We can keep your current site fresh and up to date. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, HTML, Javascript? You got it!

Quick Response

No matter where you are in the world, we can help you keep your site fresh. We can also help upgrade your project, from design to development, we have you covered. We can assist you in optimizing your site for mobile devices and even convert it to a mobile web app!

Version Control

Rest assured that your project is maintained securely and all versions can be restored at any time. Let us take care of your site for you. Every account includes free versioning and weekly reports to show you where your time is going. And where it should be spent!

How Website Maintenance Works

Step 1

Be sure of what you want!

Here’s how it works. First things first, you should figure out your budget, what you’re looking to accomplish, and how many hours you believe this should be accomplished in. We’re awesome and all, however the more information you give, the better.
Step 2

Contact us with your request

Then, you contact us through our convenient ONLINE FORM. This process ensures that we get all necessary information to give you the most accurate quote in the shortest amount of time.
Step 3

We'll get back to you really quick and stuff!

Being that each project is reviewed on a case by case basis we need about 24 – 36 hours to respond. When we respond we’ll have a list of things we can do as well as a recommended plan for you to subscribe to. If you know what you want, and are ready to sign up, you can always skip the plan and go right to subscribing.
Step 4

Begin submitting requests!

Once your account is reviewed and accepted, you can submit tickets by email, or with our custom plans, utilize our to-do list application, to create a running list of items to handle. Your time used, available, and estimates on how long it will take to complete your requests will be sent to you weekly. Everyone will be on the same page, and you’ll get to see each and every task, as well as how long it took to complete.
  • Photoshop100%
  • Flashmoderate
  • Javascript80%
  • WordPress100%
  • PHPeasy
  • JavaWe can do it
  • .NetWe'd rather not, but... Just joking!

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